Daniel Island Real Estate Foreclosures

Daniel Island Real Estate Foreclosures

Daniel Island Real Estate Foreclosures are seldom available in the market. This is an upscale community that developed fairly quickly. There are many upscale homes and the community draws buyers from all walks of life in a higher tax bracket than other areas. The Daniel Island Real Estate Foreclosures that do occasionally surface were mostly owned by builders that were caught in the economic real estate boom.

Consider these things when purchasing a bank owned property:

  • They are sold in as-is condition.
  • Lots with an expired build time revert to a 1 year build time when it is purchased again.
  • Properties on the Park side of Daniel Island must pay for a social membership.
  • Banks will typically not accept much below their asking price unless they have been on the market for a certain number of days.

These are all of the Daniel Island Real Estate Foreclosures currently available. 


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