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Okay, I have written about tacos and gyms in Charleston, now let's take this new blogging thing in a completely different direction and talk about… Violin Instructors in Charleston. 

Violin Instructors in CharlestonYou might ask yourself, violin instructors? Where did this come from? What is going on with this guy? He is all over the boards. 

Great question! Please keep in mind this blog is titled Random Thoughts by Nat Wallen and…since my new blog is really about me writing a blog and only mildly about the topic I am writing about, let me back up and explain. 

As a Realtor, I have been helping many buyers with the new Boeing plant become familiar with the area. What I have found is that there are a variety of requests about Charleston that the average realtor does not think about.  It happens to us all. No matter how long I have been doing this, no matter how many days in my lifetime I have lived in Charleston (which is like 99.9997% of my days alive), I do not know the answer to everything about Charleston. 

I know, this is hard to believe...but I am being very serious...A realtor not knowing the answer to something… it does happen. And from this point forward, when I do not know the answer to an important question (like where to find violin instructors in Charleston), I have vowed to look for inspiration in my inability to answer all questions about the area and blog about it, while also answering the question. 

Violin Instructors in CharlestonTake today for example. I met a really nice couple that just drove in from Washington State to work with Boeing. They did not ask about violin instructors in Charleston, but they did ask for a european grocery store. Sure enough, with my new proclaimed thirst for wisdom, I took a moment and made a mental note about blogging about specialty food stores in the area.  If anyone knows of any, I would sure like some help to minimize my research on the future topic. 

To get back to the topic of the day, Bill and Tonya are a couple that relocated from California because they were promoted from within Boeing. Tonya requested information about violin instructors in Charleston and actually provided me with the information. She gave it to me, so I could provide it to others… which was really nice and very thoughtful of her. 

So thanks to Tonya, here are a few of the violin instructors in Charleston:

Michael and Lauren Williams Violin Studio
Violin Instructors in Charleston
20 Limehouse Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Provides violin lessons to children and adults. Also offered are instruments for rent that are approved by the Charleston and Pleasanton School Districts. Teachers are trained in the Suzuki Method. They also provide instruction in Classical Violin Technique, and Music Theory and Ear-Training. Performance opportunities are provided.

Mrs. Carey’s Suzuki Violin Studio
Violin Instructors in Charleston
16 Manor Boulevard
North Charleston, SC 29410

“I am pleased to welcome students of all ages to my Suzuki Violin Studio in Hanahan.  Let me be your partner in discovering a whole new world of music.  I will teach you or your child the world renowned Suzuki Method as well as early music reading and fun fiddling. If you can commit to a few minutes of practice a day, I can commit to teaching you the violin.  After all, "You Are Rarely Too Young and Never Too Old to Twinkle!".

Music and Arts Center
Violin Instructors in Charleston
975 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29407
Marlena Davis - Instructor

Marlena has a bacehelor’s degree in music. She is currently taking new students. The store can provide rentals and sales of violins.

So, there you are… These violin instructors in Charleston are much better violin players than I am. In fact, I know they are… because I am only a mildly proficient guitar and bass player...and when I say proficient, I probably should have said “decent, but not that great”.

After discovering the recent music of Andrew Bird, I do think the violin is a much more interesting instrument, and who knows… maybe I will give some of these instructors a call. Learn something new…culture myself and maybe even engage in a second career. Well, not likely… But my daughters might be prime candidates to become violinists.

Thanks for tuning in and please excuse my subtle use of cheap puns at every chance I find. I am not a classically trained writer, but this blogging thing is pretty new and once I get some subscribers, maybe they will tell me what can be improved upon.

Thanks for listening to me rant about violin instructors in Charleston…I hope I did not string the topic out too much!

Nat Wallen – Realtor – Blogger – Future Violinist (maybe, but not likely)


Nat Wallen Real EstateNat Wallen is a Realtor in Charleston SC specializing in residential property sales. He has been licensed since 1995 and is the top listing agent with Carolina One Real Estate. Carolina One Real Estate is the largest company in the Charleston SC area of 700 plus agents. NOTE: Nat Wallen never solicits consumers interacting with his blog unless requested. YOUR comments are encouraged and welcomed. Thanks!

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Comments (4)

Michael Williams says...
on 05/21/10

Hi Nat,

My wife and I enjoy reading your blog and will hopefully work with to move to a commercial music studio! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!
Thanks for putting our info also on your site.
- Mike & Lauren Williams

carey says...
on 03/28/10

I am the owner and instructor at Mrs. Carey's Suzuki Violin Studio and just wanted to say "Thanks!" for putting my info on your site. I am new to the Charleston area (about a year and a half now) and am really enjoying the wonderful people and the courtesy I encounter among them. I wish you all the best and thanks again!

Mike Ciucci says...
on 02/03/10

Great blog post, Nat. I think that your clients will respect you even more for being honest in that you may not have ALL the answers. But as you've told me in the past, it's the followup that matters. By the way, I wanted to thank you for helping me along in my real estate career when I was new in the business. If I can return the favor in any way, please let me know.
-Mike Ciucci

Nat Wallen says...
on 02/21/10

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comment and the kind words. I had to modify my blog so the comments would string along. I am enjoying this market... how about you?

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