Carolina Inspection Services

Robert Gallahorn - Carolina Inspection ServicesRobert Gallahorn is a licensed builder,  engineer and home inspector. He has also been trained as a FEMA disaster inspector and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Robert is a member of the National Association of Home Inspectors and completes yearly training and continuing education on a yearly basis. Robert has completed over 6000 home inspections, has a friendly staff, arrives on time for inspections and generates a home inspection report complete with photographs the same typically on the same day as the inspection.


Robert Gallahorn - 843-729-8759 - - Click Here to Email Robert Gallahorn

Applied Construction Expertise

Jeff Donaldson - Applied Construction ExpertiseJeff Donadlson owns Applied Construction Expertise. A.C.E. inspectors and engineers have evaluated hundreds of properties in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and surrounding areas. They are licensed, insured, experienced and thorough, and their reports are delivered immediately following the inspection. A.C.E. uses the HomeTech Building Analysis Report to document most home inspections. It has been used nationally by thousands of home inspectors. The report is easy to understand and includes ample space for amplifying comments pertinent to your home.


Jeff Donaldson - 843-849-0455 - - Click Here to Email Jeff Donaldson

A to Z Home Inspections

Mike Gault - A to Z InspectionsMichael Gault owns A to Z Inspections. In his own words, " As a long time Charleston SC Home Inspector, I am dedicated to providing you with valuable information during your home inspection. As a Charleston Home Inspector, I thoroughly inspect all major components of the subject property to expose unknown defects and advise you about future maintenance on your home once the purchase is complete. As a Charleston South Carolina Home Inspector, I will give you the information you require to make an informed decision. My reports exceed all SC Standards of Practice and include Full Color Photography".

Mike Gault - 843-442-9755 - - Click Here to Email Mike Gault


Specialized Crawl Space Inspections

In some cases a home inspection will reveal issues that need further clarification from experts in mold and moisture. This is fairly common in the lowcountry as the heat and humidity are factors that cause condensation and sometimes mold. The two inspectors listed below and vendors we have used in the past and can provide expertise if needed. Keep in mind, it is best to contact these inspectors if and when an inspection reveals issues that need further explanation or clarification.

Louis Schweers - Airplus

Louis Schweers - GLS Engineering and Airplus, LLCLouis Schweers in an indoor air quality expert and works in the capacity as an advisor to consumers who think they may have a mold problem in their home. One thing to keep in mind when considering mold as a concern, is that all crawl spaces have some form of mold in them. If the house seems musty, if there is evidence of growing mold inside of the house, or if things just don't seem quite right with the air quality, then consider contacting Louis for an inspection. He is also good at advising on the different types of mechanical systems that may work well for your home.

Louis Schweers - Airplus,LLC - - 843-860-6287

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