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The are many great reasons why so many people enjoy living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley.

Living in the Northbridge Area of West AshleySo why discuss it here in this post? Well first off, this blog is titled “Random Thoughts by Nat Wallen” so why not? Secondly, I recently spoke with a blogging expert and he suggested I write about topics that I am passionate about. As history shows, I have been following his advice. I have written about Taco Boy in Downtown Charleston, Pivotal Fitness Gym in West Ashley, Growing Up on a Farm in Charleston and now living in the Northbridge area in West Ashley.  

Just a point to clarify, am I really passionate about Pivotal Fitness Gym in West Ashley?… No. No, I am not. It is certainly a nice enough gym, but it is hard to get really passionate about waking up at 5:30 am and torturing one’s self on these machines made to flex and stretch and twist and distort, but… I do it frequently because I am getting older (I am 30-10)  and I am trying to keep the body moving and have some sort of a healthy lifestyle. (Speaking about the gym, I should bring up the point that The Pivotal Gym in West Ashley is that it is one of the benefits to living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley.

Let’s step back in time a few years so I can explain where it all started and how I ended up writing about living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley.  

Living in the Northbridge Area of West AshleyMy wife and I were living downtown, we just had our first little girl and we needed to move because the bedroom situation was not ideal. Our bedroom was downstairs, Bella’s was up.. the house was old, and though it oozed charm, it simply did not have the closet space we needed and as mentioned above, the bedrooms were not ideal. Though I had sold several homes in Northbridge in the past, I never really knew how much I liked the convenient West Ashley location until I found a home along the banks of the Ashley River in Sandhurst and actually moved in. 

Living in the Northbridge Area of West AshleyThe first good sign I had that living in the Northbridge area was right for me was the fact that the day I moved in, the City of Charleston installed a light to make it easier for residents to get in and out of the neighborhood. I immediately went and introduced myself to the neighbors and asked them if they liked the fact that I brought the red light with me so they would accept us with open arms. I installed a big sign in my yard that said “You Are Welcome For The New Stoplight!”….Okay, that is not entirely true.. I embellished that part of the story for effect (using my creative license)… I really did not tell everyone in the neighborhood that I was the sole purpose of the new stoplight, but they were for the most part warm and welcoming so I am guessing they associated my arrival with the arrival of good new things, and it worked out for the most part.  

The next thing that we really like about the area is the Northbridge Pool. It is nice because... no, you do not need to live in Northbridge to become a member and... there are many nice families that live there. They have an active swim team whose head coach is tirelessly working to make the place great.  In fact, Mike is responsible for teaching Bella to swim and next year he will teach Ruby to do the same.  

Living in the Northbridge Area of West AshleyThe Northbridge Neighborhood recently had an oyster roast to raise money for the pool. It was fun because it was a chance for the neighbors to get together and share a sense of community. The kids played, the adults commiserated, the germ castle was inflated and jumped in and the oysters were shucked and eaten. What more could a family ask for on a 45 degree Friday night in early February? Other than free babysitters that fold laundry and clean the kitchen, not much.   

There are several other reasons why living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley is so nice. Here are a few: 

Convenience – There are no real traffic bottlenecks, and whether going downtown, or heading out of town, there are many choices and routes, which makes it a great place to live with true easy access from many angles.  

Grocery Stores – Whether you are sticking with the Pig, your intention is to Buy-Lo or if you are… well I cannot think of a quirky little comment about Publix… but you get the point. All of these stores are within walking distance of each other and better yet, two minutes from my house.  

Gyms – I already mentioned my fanaticism about Pivotal Gym in West Ashley, but if that is not your flavor, St. Andrews Fitness center is not far away either.  

The Yard Sizes – Because the area is generally older, they come with large, mature yards with nice plantings, lots of shade and a mature, settled feel. 

Westminster Church and Preschool – We sent both of our kids and really like it a lot. Make sure to tune in for future blog posts. 

Orange Grove Elementary – Our fingers were crossed and fortunately we got in. This charter schools is brand new and we have yet to experience it. When we do, I will of course write about it.  

Living in the Northbridge Area of West AshleyThe People – We have made many friends living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley. We met them at the pool, while shopping and just when we were out and about in the neighborhood. We all seem to be in the same boat. You know, a few kids, school choices, a lack of babysitter contacts. We huddle together with the same hot topics, and seem to find humor in most of it. 

If you are looking for more info, make sure to let me know. You can also explore some of the properties for sale and can formulate your own opinion about living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley by trying the links below:

-Northbridge Terrace 
-Ashley Hall Manor
-Charlestowne Estates
-Parkshore I, II, III

Thanks for reading and for sharing this post about living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley with your friends!

Nat Wallen – Realtor – Oyster Eater – Blogger about living in the Northbridge area of West Ashley



Nat Wallen Real EstateNat Wallen is a Realtor in Charleston SC specializing in residential property sales. He has been licensed since 1995 and is the top listing agent with Carolina One Real Estate. Carolina One Real Estate is the largest company in the Charleston SC area of 700 plus agents. NOTE: Nat Wallen never solicits consumers interacting with his blog unless requested. YOUR comments are encouraged and welcomed. Thanks!

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Nat Wallen says...
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Thanks Suzanne,

Can you respond to this post and let me know if you get this response. This stringing of messages is a new feature and I want to test it and make sure it is working properly.

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Suzanne Atwood says...
on 02/22/10

Great post, Nat! I agree, there's lots of great things about living in Northbridge--especially the neighbors!

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