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What to Expect When Buying a Home During a Pandemic

Tue, Mar 2nd 2021 3:34 pm by nat wallen General

The pandemic has impacted most of the aspects of our everyday life, from the smaller details to the big events, like buying a home. As expected, buying a home during a pandemic is quite the different affair. But what, exactly, should you expect from the process? 

Everyone thought that the pandemic and the resulting recession would lead to another housing crash, but surprise – the real estate market is positively booming. There have been more homes sold in 2020 than the previous year, and the years before that. What you can expect is stiff competition, low mortgage rates, high prices, and a lot of time spent Zooming. 

Mortgage rates are collapsing

The good news is that mortgage rates ha...

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Getting Started in the Real Estate Business with Video

Fri, Jun 28th 2019 4:46 pm by nat wallen A Day In The Life

Getting started in the real estate business with video is a great way to build assets. If you are a brand new Realtor, or even a seasoned vet looking for ways to find listings in real estate… (or if you just want to be more helpful to buyers out there), then give this a watch!

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Real Estate Tips for Beginners - How to Get Real Estate Referrals Fast!

Sun, Jun 9th 2019 9:00 pm by nat wallen A Day In The Life

In this short video I provide a few real estate tips for beginners explaining how to get real estate referrals. It’s a simple way to skills, and is great if you are just getting started in real estate.

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Alligators in Charleston?

Thu, Oct 16th 2014 1:57 pm by nat wallen A Day In The Life

One of the biggest questions I get from out of town buyers coming into Charleston have nothing to do with the actual house themselves, nor the neighborhood.

What about Alligators in Charleston?

Photo courtesy of Thomas MoorerWell, we are in the lowcountry, and there are swampy areas around and these age old dinosaur like reptiles do still exist in the the quick answer is YES, we have them.

With that being said, I have lived here my entire life and the only person I have ever heard of that has been attacked by an alligator was my second grade teacher. Mrs. Stevens was golfing one day and was fishing her ball out of a pond and got bit in the leg pretty badly. She had a bunch of stitches, but she survived ...

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Your Real Estate Investment - It is the American Way! (Part 3 of 3)

Mon, May 26th 2014 9:00 am by nat wallen Invest in Charleston SC Real Estate

Invest in Charelston SC Real Estate - It is the American Way

(Part 3 in a Series of Multiple Posts About Investing in Charleston SC Real Estate)

I have had the opportunity to help many invest in Charleston SC real estate. In fact, most of them did not know they were investors at the time. They were just buying a house because they needed a place to live.

So why do I say I was helping them invest?

Well, housing has been an integral part of long term wealth building for many years. After the world wars, it sort of happened by default. There was a steady rise in house values, with a few dips and valleys along the way.

For many years real estate was viewed as a long term investment and the 2-3% rise each year was a great return on investment over t...

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Your Real Estate Investment - Look to the Past - Invest for the Future (Part 2 of 3)

Thu, May 22nd 2014 9:30 am by nat wallen Invest in Charleston SC Real Estate

(Part 2 of a Multi Part Blog Series on Investing in real estate in Charleston SC)

Real Estate in Charleston SCWell, the real estate in Charleston SC has been quite the picture show since I have been involved. I remember being a young buck. The year was 1995. Fresh out of college. I was ready to  embark on a new career. The future; bright, shiny, full of wonder.  Investing my time in this new career in real estate in Charleston SC was an exciting prospect for me at the time.

But looking back, getting a license to sell real estate in Charleston SC might as well have been a license to get married, or go just fishing. I really did not know what I was doing. I just knew I liked meeting people, I love being creative, I have...

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Your Real Estate Investment - Plant the Seed - Watch it Grow. (Part 1 of 3)

Mon, May 19th 2014 9:00 am by nat wallen Invest in Charleston SC Real Estate

Charleston SC Realty Investment - Plant a Seed. Watch it Grow.

(Part 1 of a Series of Articles about Investing in Charleston SC Real Estate)

The Charleston SC realty market is a great investment. Would I have said this in 2008? Yes. Yes, I would have. In fact, I did.

Why? First let me say that it was never meant to be a short term investment. Between 1997 and 2000 we had moderate rises in value. Normal and healthy.

From 2000 to 2004, "Come on in, the water is great!." The short term investors jumped in and the market started to ignite.

From 2004 to 2006, "Total Insanity." Buyers were fighting. People were stressed. Everywhere people talked about real estate. I had to hush someone in a movie theater because they were talking about their latest p...

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Selling? - See Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg

Sat, May 17th 2014 9:15 am by nat wallen General

Have you ever heard the analogy that this is just the tip of the iceberg? Well this applies to many scenarios in the real estate market when selling homes in Charleston South Carolina.

To expand on one, and probably the most important, is the actual buying and selling process.

If you were in a boat in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, you would see the seascape in front of you filled with icebergs. Now if you can imagine, the tips of those icebergs are all houses. Homes for sale if you will, many being in the Mount Pleasant and Charleston South Carolina market.

Finding a buyer in this market is a challenge, but compared to the details that soon follow after a contract is delivered, that is re...

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Selling Homes Twice in Charleston South Carolina

Fri, May 16th 2014 2:15 pm by nat wallen Invest in Charleston SC Real Estate

The market used to be so very different in Charleston South Carolina. When I started real estate in 1995, all I remember is how things always seem to sell, and sell quickly. The next decade proved to be a whirlwind of real estate activity and, looking back in time, 1997 to 2006 showed a dramatic rise in prices. From a day-to-day perspective this meant absolute craziness. I remember sitting in movie theaters listening to conversations before the movie started. The topics were always about real estate. It seemed like everyone was trying to buy, and excited about selling. It was as if that's the way it always was. This was normal for me.  If I didn't sell in the first month, I started to thi...

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Timing = Everything When Selling Homes in Charleston South Carolina

Fri, May 16th 2014 1:30 pm by nat wallen A Day In The Life

I just helped a really nice young couple purchase a property. It was a really great property in the Old Mount Pleasant area, and the process was fairly streamlined and trouble-free.

They were first-time buyers, and really didn't understand a lot about the process when we first met.
I've done this so much in the past, I really don't give it too much thought. After the closing I pondered how much the order of things is really important when it comes to buying a home.

Most people know that putting the cart before the horse in any endeavor is never really a good idea, so having a good understanding of the entire process is something that I focus on early on. I start by laying out a blueprint fo...

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