Deep Water Home Charleston

deep water home CharlestonWhen looking for a deep water home Charleston buyers have a variety of different options to consider. As with any purchase it is important to be informed of not only the process, but the market itself.

I have been helping buyers purchase deep water home Charleston properties since 1995 and having grown up on the water in the area, I have a good insight into what most purchasers look for when purchasing a deep water home Charleston.  This is a valuable service I offer, as resale is something that all real estate purchasers consider when making an investment.

The first variable to consider for resale on Deep Water Home Charleston properties is the location. Is it easily accessible? Is the area rural? If so, what is the resale market like compared to a more suburban setting? Os their anything with this Deep Water Home Charleston property that may raiser red flags when it comes time to resell it (like an awkward floor plan or unkempt neighboring property).

The second variable (and likely the most obvious) is the depth at low tide. While there is no exact science or definition to what constitutes a Deep Water Home Charleston lot, the general public considers a minimum of 3’ at low tide as deep water. For many buyers, this is enough, but if you are considering a deep water home Charleston, consider making a list of necessary property attributes as a checklist for your purchase:

  • Will the water depth accommodate my needs?
  • How is the creek access?
  • Are there any bridges that may impede my ability to access open water?
  • How far away is the nearest gas facility?
  • Do I know exactly where the property is in relation to the main waterways?
  • Are there any sandbars or shoals that I may not know about in the area?
  • Is the seller willing to teach me the creek that leads to the property?


Third and equally as important is; Do you have an understanding of the different costs associated with owning a Deep Water Home Charleston? Insurance costs are an important factor as some properties are in higher cost flood zones than others, which in turn will affect your annual costs.

When searching for deep water home Charleston properties on this website, please make sure to save your search, use the favorites tool and know that I am always available for a friendly, non-pushy and helpful conversation about the area, it’s different offerings and am available to help at any time.

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