Charleston SC Deep Water Homes

Charleston SC Deep Water HomesCharleston SC Deep Water Homes are one of the most sought after market niches in the area. Supply and demand is always a factor regardless of the market when searching for these types because there is only so much coastal frontage available. For this reason, it makes Charleston SC Deep Water Homes not only sought after, but a good candidate to consider for investment.

While there are a variety of homes available, each area has an impact on the types you will find. For example, if you are looking for Charleston SC Deep Water Homes and also want to have a large piece of land associated with it, then it will be difficult to find one close to town. The urban areas have been developed and finding large parcels of land in general are found in the more rural areas like Johns Island, Wadmalaw Island,  Awendaw, to name a few.

Many Charleston SC Deep Water Homes can be found in Mount Pleasant. The older homes closer to town along the water are more difficult to find, and many times need renovation. The trade off is that location and proximity to downtown Charleston is a key variable in real estate values.  Many Charleston SC Deep Water Homes that are purchased are renovated after they sell.

Other Charleston SC Deep Water Homes in Mount Pleasant can be found in the Old Village area, where values are typically protected due to the charming atmosphere and the great views of the historic district. There are also traditional neighborhoods along the upper Wando River that offer easy access to the rivers and creeks of the lowcountry.

West Ashley is an older area and is named due to it being West of the Ashley River. This is one of the main rivers that flows it’s way directly into the harbor and many properties can be found in older, more mature neighborhoods. While there are not as many properties that come up in this area, they are still seemingly less expensive compared to the areas East of the Cooper River (also referred to as Mt. Pleasant).

There is also a fair concentration of Charleston SC Deep Water Homes found on James Island. It’s name indicates that the area is a true island, and therefore offers quite a few points of access to the areas creeks, marshes  and rivers.

Regardless of which area you choose, having an agent familiar with the areas are crucial in finding the right Charleston SC Deep Water Homes. Please do not hesitate to call or email at anytime and make sure to try my Charleston area video tours for more information.

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