Deep Water Home Charleston SC

Deep Water Home Charleston SCDeep Water Home Charleston SC sellers enjoy a market niche that is very sought after due to the natural low supply of waterfront properties and higher demand consistent throughout the Charleston market. For this reason, many purchasers look for Deep Water Home Charleston SC properties for resale purposes, however, the main reason I have found buyers consider these types is because they simply want to be on the water.

There are so many different things to do that Deep Water Home Charleston SC owners enjoy each day. The feeling of waking up and simply enjoying the views is a great way to start your day, as it embodies the relaxed pace and easy lifestyle that southerners enjoy. I live on the Ashley River in West Ashley and even though life can be very busy (and at times hectic as a Realtor in Charleston), the relaxed view when I get home allows me to slow down and smell the salt air,

Deep Water Home Charleston SC owners enjoy a wide variety of activities. One very popular past time is inshore fishing. Contrary to going offshore, the preparation for going inshore fishing is minimal, and by living in a Deep Water Home Charleston SC homeowners can simply crank up their boat and drop a line in the water anytime. 

Shrimping is also an activity that Deep Water Home Charleston SC owners enjoy. There are just a few months out of the year when shrimp baiting is permitted. The activity consists of setting a series of poles in  the water in the shallows along the banks of the rivers. Shrimpers then make bait balls out of fish, peanut butter and sometimes even dog food. This bait is dropped in the water near the poles at night, a light is used and shrimpers use a cast net to pull in coolers full of shrimp in just a few hours.

Children love Deep Water Home Charleston SC living because of the easy access to water skiing and wake boarding. Having grown up on the water, I spent my summers with my friends skiing for hours in Hobcaw Creek off of the Wando River.

Life in the lowcountry is worth living and regardless of the activities you prefer; be it fishing, shrimping, crabbing or simply taking time to enjoy the view, I look forward to helping you find the perfect Deep Water Home Charleston SC can offer you and your family.

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