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Houses for Sale in Charleston South Carolina - Obtain Top Dollar

Houses in Charleston South Carolina that are well prepared sell faster and for more money. If you are considering placing yours on the market, there are many things to do prior to presenting it to buyers. The natural tendency is to base your decision of the asking price by how much you need in order to move to the next destination. This is not always the best way to make decisions, as a buyer will only pay what they will pay, however, great steps can be taken in advance to accomplish the highest and best result.

Moving is a great excuse to go through everything that builds up over time and minimize what you have into what you really use. The first thing many do to prepare Houses for Sale in Charleston South Carolina by de-cluttering your closets, your garage and your life. To spring clean is a healthy thing psychologically, regardless of the time of year.

Consider having a garage sale prior to placing your property on the market. Not only will you have a chance to get rid of things for a monetary gain, you will have the chance to discuss your property with neighbors and friends. Many feel that the garage sale should come prior to placing your home on the market. Consider this, having a garage sale sign on corners in your neighborhood will drive traffic (and potential buyers) to your house and this can be a direct way to produce a buyer for your home, while meeting people on a Saturday morning in your driveway.

Do these simple things to prepare your house in Charleston South Carolina for sale:

  • Cut, prune and edge your yard.
  • Wash your windows.
  • Clean like you have never cleaned before.
  • Paint your front door and polish the hardware.
  • Paint the interior of your home if budget allows.
  • Remove stained carpets and replace with new if budget allows.

There are also mental preparations to be made prior to placing your Charleston South Carolina house on the market for sale. They include connecting with a reputable agent who has been in business in both good times and bad. While a brand new agents may have the best intentions, a seasoned Realtor naturally will have a better skill set. Nat Wallen’s knowledge and expertise helps guide sellers with proper pricing, how to handle second showings, how to negotiate detailed offers, and more importantly, how to keep a deal together after a contract has been delivered on your Charelston South Carolina house for sale. 

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