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Homes for Sale in Charelston SC are Selling!While I certainly do not have a crystal ball, I do know that homes for sale in Charleston SC are starting to have more showings now than anytime in the past few years.

I am certainly not one to dwell in the past, as the future can be a bright and sunny place if you choose to believe in it. This is especially true if you choose to believe what you see on TV and in the newspapers.

Think about it for a moment. Back in 2006 the market was at it’s pinnacle. Things were great. The media started to drip information into the American psyche that we were about to see the “bubble” burst. This slow drip started to see a steady flow of economists and other smart people beginning to predict the downfall.

Well, it happened. They were right. In 2007 the sellers who had homes on the market in Charleston started scratching their heads. The buyers stopped coming every day, and over the next few years, showings went from a steady stream to bleakness.

How did this happen? Were the economist smart enough to see the future? Or did they help make it a reality.

I think both. But here is the good news.

The same thing is happening in reverse. Turn on the news and you will start to see stories of the real estate market turning around.

Look to the closest Realtor and they will tell you that “inventory” is down and “house sales” are up.

Oops! Let me rephrase that.

Look to the closest Realtor and they will tell you that “supply” is down and “demand” is up.

So is the media such a force that they can will things to happen? I am not sure if this is the website to discuss such a conspiratorial conversation, but I will say that I saw it happen in 2006, and I can see the same but opposite effect on the homes for sale in Charleston right now.    

Here is a question to ponder. Are we at the bottom of the market? Good question! I would “guess” to say yes. But does that really matter? Take a look at this past blog post for Nat's answer.

Regardless of the reason, homes are selling and I am glad to help so many people with the process.

Thank you Charleston!

Homes in Charleston SC are Selling!


Nat Wallen Real EstateNat Wallen is a Realtor in Charleston SC specializing in residential property sales. He has been licensed since 1995 and is the top listing agent with Carolina One Real Estate. Carolina One Real Estate is the largest company in the Charleston SC area of 700 plus agents. NOTE: Nat Wallen never solicits consumers interacting with his blog unless requested. YOUR comments are encouraged and welcomed. Thanks!

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