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Homes in Charleston SC are Nat Wallen's passion. He has been working as a Charleston real estate agent since 1995 and has been honing his craft to provide the necessary information for his clients to make their decision to buy or sell with absolute confidence.

Buyers looking for homes in Charleston SC have the ability to choose what areas to live in based on several different sub markets in the area. Since homes in Charleston SC are found in a variety of price ranges and styles, Nat Wallen feels that the best thing to do prior to looking for a property to purchase is to decide on which area of town to live in. Nat Wallen does not feel this is a difficult task because Charleston SC is easily describable due to the natural geography and the "lay of the land".

In Nat's own words, "I love sitting down with a client and determining their needs and basically sharing the city I was born and raised in. To develop a plan to target the right homes in Charleston SC is really crucial from the start. Beginning with a really good conversation that goes beyond just price range and bedrooms and baths, deciding on the best Homes in Charleston SC becomes a personal lifestyle choice for buyers as well.

The different geographical areas in many cases predetermine the types of homes in Charleston SC that are available. For example, many homes close to the area beaches like the Mt. Pleasant area are located in a flood zone. The area is newer so many of the homes in these flood zones are on raised pier foundations. Many people love this because it offers plenty of parking and garage space below. has been a great resource to thousands of buyers looking for homes in Charleston SC. Nat Wallen is constantly developing tools that will help buyers become acquainted with not just what is available for sale, but with the buying and selling process, as well as with the different areas of town.

Nat Wallen has launched a series of video tours of the different areas to purchase and hopes you will use these video tours as a tool to help develop a laser focus when searching for Homes in Charleston SC

Nat Wallen’s Charleston videos attract more customers.

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