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Charleston South Carolina Homes - Northbridge Terrace Killer Whales Swim TeamCooling off in the summertime. This is obviously something people really want to do as often as possible in Charleston and buying in a neighborhood with a pool is on many people’s must have lists when searching for Charleston South Carolina homes.

So if you buy in a neighborhood without a pool, are you “up a dry creek bed” without a paddle? Good question.

There are some options:

  • You can advertise in the newspaper that you are seeking to become friends with a family with a pool.
  • You can design a billboard that says you are seeking friends with certain strings attached.
  • You could stand in your front yard in the sprinkler.
  • You could look for nearby pools that share memberships.

Northbridge Pool in West Ashley is a Great Option!

My family and I have had the good fortune of living in Sandhurst, which is an older neighborhood in West Ashley that offers some of the best older properties. Sandhurst has great neighbors, as Northbridge Terrace is a nearby older subdivision that plays well with others. In fact, they encourage it and are open to memberships outside of the neighborhood.

At first glance, you might see joining another pool from a nearby neighborhood as a negative and as settling for second best. In my own experience, buying in a neighborhood without a pool has been quite the contrary.

In fact, it has been a way to get out and meet more people from all walks of life that I most likely would not have ever met. My parenting skills have actually improved as well. It helps my kids get out and do the same thing. To mingle around, form new relationships and realize that there are good people that live beyond just the ones on our street is healthy for the development of a well balanced child and I would dare say, will encourage future curiosities, and even help them excel in everything from educational pursuits to business, to leading a better life. (Joining a pool is chock full of positive attributes)

There is also the added benefit of swim lessons and the swim team.

My oldest learned to swim just 3 years ago and today she is swimming in the City Meet. She is really good, and shares great kinship with her team mates. This is exciting news for me, as just 4 years ago we were worried about her falling in and sinking to the bottom.

The cycle continues with her younger sister Ruby. Floaties, then no floaties, floating on her back, the backstroke, freestyle. Ruby swam in her first meet a few weeks ago in the six and unders. No worries about her being an anchor if she falls off of a dock.

The swim team offers a fun, competitive atmosphere and the chance to meet more people from other areas doing the same thing. Parenting, hauling their wet kids around town, enjoying hamburgers and hot dogs at the swim meets and encouraging their kids to be good sports. This is good for Charleston family life in general.

So if you are looking for Charleston South Carolina homes in an older neighborhood, or have your eye on one that does not have a pool, don’t cross it off of your list just yet.

Remember this blog post and ask your agent the question, are their pools nearby that play well with others? 

Well if you are searching for Charleston South Carolina homes in West Ashley, the answer is YES!

See this blog post for neighborhoods nearby - Living in the Northbridge Area


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Nat Wallen says...
on 07/15/12

Update - Bella won both the freestyle and butterfly heats. She won 3rd place overall in the City Meet for butterfly.

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