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What makes Mt Pleasant SC homes for sale fly off the shelf?

If you are considering purchasing a property, the Mt Pleasant SC homes for sale offer a family friendly, mid-sized community located just north of downtown Charleston SC.  It is one of the newer communities that was largely developed after the building of the first Cooper River bridge in the mid 1950’s. Prior to this bridge being constructed, this area was only accessible via Ferry Boat from the city of Charleston.

Since the early development of the area, it has boomed in popularity and at one time there were many buyers looking for a property. It was the fastest growing town in the state and all Mt Pleasant SC homes for sale offered sold quickly, and in many cases for more than the asking price in the mid 2000’s.

When looking for a a property, the suburb has many pockets that are very popular. Many residents like to live close to downtown, as historic Charleston is a great place to enjoy and being minutes away is a great asset.  When looking for a Mt Pleasant SC homes for sale, buyers should keep this in mind as location and convenience are both important resale factors in a town that continues to grow each day.

Nat Wallen has developed a video tour of the area in an effort to go beyond just offering every Mt Pleasant SC home for sale.  Many local buyers use these video tours as a resource that provides a bit of history on the area, a detailed explanation of the traffic patterns that affect drive times and most importantly,  insight  from a local’s perspective difficult to find elsewhere.

When using this website to search and find a the perfect property, make sure to use the favorites function. It offers a way to consolidate the properties that you like in one place, to build a portfolio and to set aside the Mt Pleasant SC homes for sale, sellers have offered that you have your eye on.

Nat Wallen has lived in Charleston and grew up in Mount Pleasant. He is very familiar with the different nuances associated with living in the area.  In addition to not only providing easy access through this website, he can provide valuable local insight to help you make your decision both well thought out and informed.

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