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Mount Pleasant SC Real Estate - Snee Farm

Having grown up in Mount Pleasant, I remember a time when Snee Farm was literally out of town. There were only a handful of neighborhoods that existed and most were fairly close in toward town.

Then there was Snee Farm. It seemed like it was in the country and at the time was the premiere neighborhood because it offered golf, tennis, and a swim team.

Well today, Snee Farm is of course still there but the progress around the area has really grown. In fact, it is now almost in the center of town.

Sure, we all know things change and all areas have grown, but the reason for this focus is just to point out that even though the homes are older, and many that are for sale are in need of upgrades, the area is still a stellar place to live because there was nothing around when it was built.

There was plenty of land offered at Snee Farm and by starting out in the country, they were able to make decisions that benefit it’s inhabitants today. Try finding a really large lot in a new neighborhood.

The more modern practice of clearing all of the trees in a subdivision had not taken hold yet either, and today’s Snee Farm offers a very mature, shaded area with green space and room to spread out.

Renovating a home can be an exciting, yet costly and a mentally painful process. The end result can be a great home with the land, trees and space that is difficult to find in today’s Mount Pleasant SC real estate market. For this reason, don’t overlook the older homes found in some of the more mature neighborhoods like Snee Farm.

Click here to view the neighborhood offerings currently available. 

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