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Well it is been quite a week. I have had the opportunity to work several transactions, I listed three properties, and also helped some really nice people purchase a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina home.

Jay and Melanie are a recently married,  really nice couple. Melanie works as an interior designer for a large builder locally, and Jay owns his own kitchen design business.

They called me on one of my listings a few months ago, and it turned out that it just wasn't the right fit for them. We hit it off well and I began showing them properties in the "up to" $350,000 range in Mount Pleasant.

It was a bit of a whirlwind with them because they were looking in a really tough price range. (Supply and demand is very real in Mount Pleasant ).

We found several homes initially, but the decision process was really just a bit of a challenge for them.

Like many buyer clients, they were perplexed on where to put their money. I I sure do them that real estate was definitely the answer, we just had to find the right home for them.

 As you can probably imagine, we weren't the only agent and buyers looking in this price range. It was comical in ways because we would bump into some couples and see them at one house, and then see them at the next house. We joked saying that we should probably just carpool.

We made an offer on one, and went through the inspection process to find that it probably needed a little bit more work than what they were willing to do.

I know that this was a tough thing for them, because they really did love the house. With the needed upgrades, they decided that it was best to move on To another property even though this became the benchmark for the type of house they wanted.

We then moved onto the neighbors house. Yes this was literally the house right next door to the one that they made an offer on.

It was on the market as well, and in the neighborhood that they like. The floor plan was good, but it sat on a busy corner and the way that it was situated on the lot just wasn't an ideal set up for their needs.

Again, Mount Pleasant real estate is pretty hot right now and the homes in Charleston in general are starting to move. This made their decision process more difficult, because houses were not just sitting on the market anymore. The good ones that were priced correctly and in good condition in this price range were selling, and selling quickly.

Their heart was also set on being close to the old Mount Pleasant area.  Jay's office is on Coleman Boulevard near the beach, and they grew used to being on that side of town. They had their grocery store, their regular circles that they traveled in, and it was kind of hard thinking of changing that daily and weekly routine that they have come to enjoy.

Jay began to joke that since we started in 2012 and then went into 2013, that I was dealing with probably the hardest buyers in two consecutive years. I assured them that as long as the people I deal with are in a good place mentally, that I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

Even if things do get stressful, (and in this case they certainly did not,) I still keep a well-balanced even keel about my relationship.

Buying and selling can be a little stressful at times, and if the agent stresses out (and trust me, many do) it doesn't make things better. In this case, things just went really well. I made some really good friends in the process and Jay and Melanie finally found a house in Mount Pleasant that they liked.

They probably think that I'm relieved that we closed on it last week, but it's actually a little bittersweet. I of course like it when we come to the end because I've helped the client achieve their goal, but it also means that I might not see them as frequently as I'd like.

Regardless, this is what I do and I'm glad to do it. Thanks Jay and  Melanie! And of course, congratulations on the purchase of your new home!

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