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homes for sale in mt pleasant scIf you're looking for homes for sale in Mt Pleasant SC, it's a great idea to really go through what's called a loan prequalification process. The reason that I say this is that the market is moving fairly quickly and knowing in advance all about the mortgage process and how much you qualify for will help you make the right decision.

There are many realtors that will not allow buyers in their car that haven't been pre-qualified. I personally find that strict "draw a line in the sand" mentality a little bit brash. Of course, I also feel that being prequalified is important, not for me, but for the client.

Let me explain… Early in my career I would take people out because I was excited to be a realtor and to be showing property in general. After one or two times of finding a buyer their dream home, and then finding out after the fact that the house was too expensive for them, I pledged to never let that happen again. I just never like to let anyone down, personally, as well as in business.

Do I draw that strict line in the sand? Absolutely not. But I do consult with my clients and offer them very compelling reasons to go ahead and get the loan process started right away.

It's really quite simple. I want my clients to know how much they can afford before they even look online. (Now this is obviously impossible, but I feel it's that important to know how much home one can afford before getting their hopes up, and before going to look through all the homes for sale in Mt Pleasant SC. This way we don't find the perfect place, get excited to the point of placing our furniture, telling all of our friends that were going to buy a house, and then…BAM.. the lender pulls the rug out from under us.

I've offered some good tools on my website that will give you direct access to local lenders in the area. I've worked with all of them extensively, and very quickly they will be able to not only prequalify you, but pre-approve you as well. Here is a link, but they can also be found on the bottom of every page.

So if an agent tells you that they will not put you in the car to show houses without knowing that you're approved, just remember that while there delivery may not be as tactful as it could be, the message is pretty important.

I personally prefer a more understated approach, and also simply point out that I don't want to be the bearer of bad news if they can't buy the house they fall in love with. Most people accept that fairly well, they get pre-approved, and then we can look for homes for sale in Mt. Pleasant SC knowing that if we find one, they can take action right away.

It's worked well since 1995, so I will keep doing it. Thanks for reading!

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