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Charleston South Carolina Homes - Let's Hug a TreeI started looking at Charleston South Carolina Homes for signs of green living and at first glance, they are sort of hard to spot. Knowing that Charleston is a forward-thinking politically correct place, I knew I was not overlooking the green aspects of the community, and that somehow, amidst years of media attention, that the environment has to be making it’s way to the forefront of the real estate world.

I used to think “green” meant solar panels and windmills powering a home. Goats in the yard providing cheese and chickens laying eggs. Front yards filled with vegetables and not sod. And while there is some of that happening around town and I must say, "I like it", the majority of the green living is starting at the inception of a property. I mean, before it actually exists.

Having been recently recognized as a “green” agent, I now know that there are many aspects to green living not evident to the human eye at first glance. In fact, there are many properties that are being built for the future, and our kids future that go way beyond 30 year shingles on the roof.

So where does it start? Well, good question.

Many are being designed with the home site in mind. Lots are being carefully chosen by forward thinking planners, architects and prudent buyers with how the lot relates to the space around it. Consider this simple step; By building a home that “hugs a tree”, you will get the benefit of a shaded yard which helps keep cooling costs down. If the tree loses it’s leaves in the winter, the sun helps heat the house when it is cool.

Whether it is for profit or not, corporate decisions are making their way into Charleston South Carolina Homes through the products that are being used to build them, and through the more efficient way of getting them to us. This is even more of a global focus on the environment that is filtering it’s way down to consumers that are not evident at first glance.

This blog has barely scratched the surface. There are many points when considering how to jump on the green bandwagon without having to actually go out and grow your own crops.

On that note, please remember that this is part of a series of green living I will be writing about , so make sure to check back and even ask some questions with a comment if you wish.

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Larry Brewer says...
on 06/03/12

Even though I have given up on this whole Green movement because I think it's way overblown, I can appreciate the original intention. For people who buy homes in South Carolina, and Charleston, they can save energy by purchasing a new home. Almost all new homes are more energy efficient than an older home, or any apartment that you will ever find.

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