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Charleston SC Houses (or poultry farms)?

Charleston SC houses With ChickensI sell homes for a living and have been doing so since 1995. Of course I have seen many trends occur along the way. Some very obvious, and many that happen slowly and gradually.

Sure, house styles in Charleston SC have changed over time, and the change from the 1960’s rancher, to the 1970’s retro feel, into the 1980 contemporaries and on up until present day are the easiest to see as you are driving through an area, but what about things that happen in people’s back yards?

Let me back up. I live in an older subdivision in West Ashley. I was looking for the covenants of the area for a friend the other day. After exhausting my search on the county website (with no success), I was able to track down a copy through a neighbor.

These covenants were written back in 1960. They have the standard language you might find in any neighborhood document. Lots of legalese...hereto, whereto etc.

They also talk about farm animals. Now keeping in mind that this neighborhood used to be a farm, it seems they would take the task of ruling out the continuation of farming back in 1960 (and rightfully so).

Fast forward to today. Hormone free food, organic approaches, pesticide free living, avoiding cancer... all of it is is very much in this world’s periphery.

So should the no poultry rule still apply? My friends are very forward thinking, and not only do the 5 hens they have come to love produce one egg each every day for their family, they also have become loving pets.

This Charleston SC family houses their little egg makers in a nicely designed chicken coop that nobody sees or hears, (as they are hens not roosters) and they don’t wake anyone up.

So how do you feel about poultry (and about dated covenants that may or may not apply anymore) for your Charleston SC neighborhood?

Before you answer, here is a pretty interesting article  - 5 Reasons Chickens Belong in Your Back Yard.

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Comments (2)

Scott Atwood says...
on 07/07/13

Seems like it's time to re-visit the covenants; 1960 was a long time ago.

Nat says...
on 07/07/13

I agree Scott. After speaking with several neighbors, they are feeling the same way. I opened up a magazine and sure enough, right there is House Beautiful, they had a piece on 7 ways to build a great coop, and where to find them... Williams Sonoma carries them by the way..

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