Posted By nat wallen @ Feb 14th 2013 10:15am In: Real Estate

I took a break from selling Charleston South Carolina homes today and decided to go downtown with my family.

There's always something good going on in Charleston South Carolina, so we took a look at what was happening in the area and came up with a really great plan.

Fortunately for us it was the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition this weekend.

We headed down to Brittlebank Park where we had some great food, and just enjoyed the cool weather.

One of the highlights of the trip downtown was the dog dock jumping contest.

I'd seen them on TV that I really didn't know too much about them. There are actually two forms of the competition.

One is where they judge distance, which is what most people would think about when thinking about a dog dock jumping contest. Though this is the form that most people think about, We actually missed that part. We were fortunate enough to see the time trials though. Did you know that the world record for dog running and jumping a total distance of 50 feet and grabbing a dummy at the end of the pool was four seconds. (Most of these dogs did it in about seven.)

My oldest is eight and my youngest is five, and watching dogs jump into a pool was the highlight of their day.

Needless to say they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Having wet our whistle for all things South Eastern Wildlife Expo,  we decided to dig deeper and head farther into downtown Charleston.

The Charleston Place hotel was full of people, and dogs. In fact, I have never seen so many dogs in a hotel. Again, this made the Sunday afternoon for the kids quite interesting. None of us had seen a springer spaniel and poodle mix before. (I believe that would be called a springer doodle.)

We then headed upstairs into the exposition room, where there were hundreds of sculptures, paintings and artists sharing their wares.

I must say I've never really been one too inspired by realistic art, but I enjoyed seeing many of them. I would've sworn some of the paintings looked just like photographs, which notably takes a very specific skill set.

There were also these really cool sculptures that were made out of stones put together, and then formed into bears and moose and other animals.

So overall, mission accomplished.

We took a little break from selling Charleston South Carolina homes, and enjoyed some of the local flavor. I highly recommend going next year.

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