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A Look Back at the Homes For Sale In Charleston SC

There are many homes for sale in Charleston SC to choose from compared to the booming market of the early to mid 2000’s. Throughout late 2005 and well into the 2006 market, the media started to discuss a real estate bubble that most likely going to burst. This discussion in the media had not affected the homes for sale in Charleston SC yet, but early in 2007 the rate of sale started to slow down considerably.

1997 to 2006 was primarily a buyer’s market. When sellers decided to place their homes for sale in Charleston SC during this time, all sold within a few months. When sellers started placing their homes on the market in early 2007, this rapid pace stopped.  The inventory of started to build quickly, shifting the supply from a seller’s market, where sellers obtained top dollar, to a buyer’s market, where buyers had a significant inventory to choose from.

In hindsight, this shift in the market was hard to see happening at the time and many agents were not sure of what to do. In fact, this shift in the market caused many agents that were part time to leave the market. It was an interesting study on many levels to see just how homes for sale in Charleston SC were marketed and actually sold moving forward.

In Nat Wallen’s own words,  “One thing to remember about is that people will always be moving regardless of the market conditions. Houses were never meant to be short term investments , and there are so many benefits (like pride of ownership, tax deductions and being in control of your own domain), that being a homeowner is a good thing.

When using Nat Wallen’s website to find homes for sale in Charleston SC, make sure to use the resources he has provided so you can make a well informed decision. With easy access to good local attorneys, lenders, appraisers and home inspectors on the footer, you are in confident hands.

Use Nat Wallen’s video tours to become familiar with the area. These tours are another example of how Nat Wallen takes great lengths to not just provide a clean, easy to use interface to search with while you are looking to buy, he also wants to help you and your family for years to come.

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