Charleston Houses in West Ashley

There are a wide variety of housing options to choose from on this site. Before making a decision to purchase in this area, it is of course important to know about each part of town. Fortunately, Charleston is very easy to learn and distinguish because the area is separated by different rivers. 

One tool available on this website is a West Ashley Video Tour. This is part of a larger catalog of video tours that has helped many people looking become very familiar before they purchase. 

Many people choose to purchase in West Ashley because it is an older area that offers charming properties with close proximity to Downtown Charleston. This was one of the first to be developed outside of Downtown Charleston, so the area has many established neighborhoods like South Windermere, Moreland, Avondale and Byrnes Downs that sell well, even though the homes are older and many require upgrades.

There is also quite a variety to choose from. There are condos, townhomes, starter homes, multi-family investment properties and waterfront homes.

The condos available start in the $80,000 range and are more affordable than condominiums found closer to the beach and in Mt. Pleasant. As with all condos, there is a horizontal property regime and monthly fee associated. These “regime fees” cover exterior maintenance, exterior insurance, upkeep of the amenities and landscaping.

Townhouses are very similar in the sense that a regime fee is included, but in some rare cases the townhouse owner is also responsible for the upkeep of the exterior.

There are many affordable West Ashley homes available which makes the area great for first time buyers. Houses start in the low $100,000 range but to find a good home in a nicer area, expect to pay a bit closer to $270,000 and then on up from there.
Since the area is older, most are ranch styles built in the 1960’s and as you travel further from town you will see homes built in the 1970’s and on up to present day. In fact, the farther you go out of town, the more opportunities to purchase new West Ashley homes present themselves.

Since the area is named after one of the main rivers in Charleston, once can only expect there to be several waterfront options available. Most exist along the creeks that extend off of the intracoastal waterway on the highway 17 side of the area, and along the Ashley River side as well. Due to the fact that the Ashley River has expansive marshes that line the banks, and that in many places the water is not very deep, the number of homes in West Ashley that have deep water docks is not as numerous as the Intracoastal Waterway side, though some can be found up in the Highway 61 part of town.


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