Halsey Planned Unit Development

Reduced from $6,350,000 to $4,000,000

The Palmer property on Halsey street is nestled between Barre and Halsey Street on the Charleston Peninsula. It is a combined 9 lots that have been approved by the city to form approximately 28 lots. Resubmission to the City authorities for the PUD will need to occur again due to the 2 year time frame expiring for approval and also due to the fact that the original approved PUD included neighbors that were also involved in the development plan.

At this point, the neighboring properties are not included in the sale. The property consists of approximately 2.2 acres. The following TMS numbers are included in the sale.

  • 457-02-04-048
  • 457-02-04-027
  • 457-02-04-028
  • 457-02-04-030
  • 457-02-04-026
  • 457-02-04-049
  • 457-02-04-050
  • 457-02-04-051
  • 457-02-04-052

The Sellers Currently Have The Following Documents Available

  • A Survey
  • A Proposed Platt Map
  • Possible Street Scene Renderings
  • A Drainage Plan
  • A Traffic Analysis

Please Click Below to Open the Documents

Downtown Charleston Development Plan


Inquiry for Downtown Charleston Approved PUD

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