The Nat Wallen Team is Proactive, Resourceful and Committed

Since 1995, the Nat Wallen Team has been helping Charleston-area home sellers receive top dollar and move on to their next dream home.  

The process begins with setting the price for your home. The Nat Wallen Team is comfortable working in any price range, and we are extremely proficient in determining your home's value. We can tell you the prices of similar homes in your neighborhood, and in neighborhoods like yours. We help you see it from the buyer’s perspective, while keeping in mind your financial goals and protecting your interests.

Marketing your home is vital, and it’s a Nat Wallen Team specialty. We will aggressively market your property through our vast network of personal connections, as well as print ads, TV, web and social media. The Nat Wallen Team is extremely proactive—we don’t simply wait for a buyer to come along.

We also employ home staging professionals, and are often able to generate an extra 10-to-15 thousand dollars of value for our home sellers.

In the end, it’s about results. Since 1995, the Nat Wallen Team has sold over 800 homes in the Charleston area. And we have done so with an average 98% list-to-sale price. That’s money in the seller’s pocket, and it’s how we earn your repeat business. 

At every stage of the process, you can count on your Nat Wallen Team for accessibility, availability, open communication and follow-up.  We believe that providing that value to the seller takes total commitment on the part of the REALTOR®, from initial evaluation, through negotiations and beyond. This is the service commitment you can expect from the Nat Wallen Home Selling Team.

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