Mount Pleasant SC Real Estate

Mount Pleasant SC Real EstateMany people like this part of town because it offers a newer, more upscale feel than some of the other areas. This is primarily due to the geographical makeup of the area. The majority of the Charleston area is divided by rivers, which compartmentalize each section, making it easy to understand and compare quickly.

Mount Pleasant is one of the largest geographical areas bordered by the Harbor, by the Wando River, The Cooper River, Bulls Bay and the Francis Marion National Forest. Known also as “East of the Cooper” This is a very large area compared to the smaller and older James Island side of town.

It seems newer because of the major growth it saw in the early to mid 2000’s.  In fact, at one time it was the fastest growing town in SC. Building was so quick and the Mount Pleasant SC real estate market was so strong that the town actually had to implement a moratorium on building, as the infrastructure just could not keep up with the heavy demand the area drew from outside interest.

Why the strong growth and surge in popularity?

It seemed people just wanted to move to this side of town for the financial opportunity (the market was hot and many houses were flipping) and also the perception that the schools were superior to others.

Today the Mount Pleasant SC real estate market is still strong, and the perception is still that it is the place to live, especially among newcomers. It seems people like having easy access to the beaches, and with more newer homes here than in other parts of town, it seems to attract quite a bit of attention.

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