Mixson Real Estate in Park CircleThe new Mixson community is a welcome addition to all that the Park Circle area of North Charleston has to offer. It is a well planned, urban infill, green community that has been attracting the attention of creative professionals, art lovers, business persons and even families that are combining.

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The developers have been building this community with a strong focus on design, the use of high quality materials, and a careful thought toward the future of the area. Old Town Mixson was started in the mid 2000's and emanates a feeling of a Eurpoean Village. From the onset, a strong focus on green building and a belief in good design has set the momentum that will continue to unravel itself in new, and very unique ways to the Charleston real estate market.

The Mixson Bath and Racquet Club offers a social atmosphere and new urbanist retreat complete with a heated saltwater pool, badminton courts, private cabanas, a restaurant, bocce ball courts and a private yoga/workout center.

The future holds wonderful plans for the real estate market in the Park Circle area. With a nice mix of contemporary offerings, traditional Charleston style homes, multi family offerings and even live-work style units, anyone with a sense of style and an appreciation of high design should consider the area before purchasing real estate in the Charleston area.

There are even some great surprises planned, so make sure to fill out the form on the right hand side of this page so we can keep you posted as the Mixson real estate offerings become available in this sought after Park Circle location in North Charleston, SC.

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