Searching for home on the Internet can be a little bit tricky. Sure we can see lots of houses for sale, photos, map properties… But that doesn't really help the big picture and all of these great pictures of houses really don't make too much sense unless you know the area.

This is why I put together the above Overview Video Tour of Charleston.

I was born in Charleston and have lived here all my life. I know the area inside and out. I use google maps the highlight each area and show you how to get around quickly and efficiently.  This way you can get an expanded view of Charleston and more importantly, understand the area and it's different nuances before you get here.

Charleston is not your typical grid by grid city. Each area is a little bit different. This is because the Cooper River was once a barrier for much of development, which makes Mt Pleasant seem newer and more modern from a commercial and residential perspective. And with the addition of the 526 interstate back in the early 1990s, and the opening up of Daniel Island to a full community master plan, the entire area has expanded and grown in very unique ways.

I start this tour with where it all began in Downtown Charleston. I then move over to James Island, then John's Island and Wadmalaw. We do touch down briefly on Kiawah and Seabrook, and then we come back into town and look at West Ashley. Here we get a nice look at the historic plantations and then we cross the big bridge over to Mount Pleasant.

From there we head over to Daniel Island, and then we come back downtown to explore the upper Peninsula.

We then journey our way into North Charleston where we look at neighborhoods hotspots and new growth areas.

We then head up the Dorchester Rd., corridor towards Summerville, we touch a little bit on Hannahan and Goose Creek, and then I end it all with a nice tour of our barrier islands starting north and moving our way south.

I hope this is helpful to you, and I am always available if you have any questions are want to meet.

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