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Charleston SC Real EstateRecently voted as the best place to live in the United States by Conde Nast, Charleston is a great place to live.

In fact, so many people visit just once and immediately start thinking of  living here. With it’s combination of being a temperate climate, a coastal city, a port city, numerous industry opportunities, and the historic charm offered, the area is bustling with activity without feeling like a city that is too large to actually get to know anyone.

It seems to be the perfect mix of a relaxed pace of life, with enough to do culturally to make it  a place to work and play. Of course, Boeing’s decision to build their Dreamliner here has provided the Charleston SC real estate market a great “shot in the arm” and was the life raft that kept Charleston prospering when so many other cities were hurting with the downed economy and market of 2008-2011.

The area offers so much for families, artists, historians and sports enthusiasts to do. The easy access to the lowcountry waterways, the creeks and even full access to the open Ocean bring give lowcountry anglers and the sailing community together to enjoy life on the water.

The beaches are very easily accessible and serve as natural barrier islands to Charleston and the small towns that interconnect to make up the greater tri-county areas.

The Charleston SC real estate market is divided into 18 different sub areas and to explore each area, start by clicking any of the areas beneath the right hand column labeled “Area Information”.

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