Turning the page, opening a new chapter, starting a new life… The house buying process can be really exciting, and we are passionate about the process.

There are many differences between the agent and the buyer just in the showing process alone. When you look at a house, focusing on the layout, the amount of light, the location, the pieces in the parts that you need to accommodate your family… These are all the most logical and necessary aspects that will make it make sense for you. I’m sorry for stating the obvious here. 

When we look at a house, we are also looking at the same things. Additionally, we are plugging our knowledge of the market and in quantifying on your behalf if the house seems to be a fair value are not. There are many variables that go into that aspect of it, which I will go into on another blog post…

When walking through a home, we are trying to identify issues that may arise should you decide to make an offer. Some of them have to do with the construction, some have to do with the process, and others may not be as obvious.

Before we even get in the house we are looking at the roof. While we are not licensed home inspectors, we do know enough to tell if a roof may be at the end of its lifecycle. When the shingles start curling up on themselves like they’re baking in the sun, that is the number one telltale sign that it might be time for a new roof.

It may be a fixer upper, and the price of the house may or may not include this factor, but in the many people don’t realize is that in today’s market, many insurance companies require a roof inspection. This is the type of thing that will potentially dictate the design of the contract offer. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy the views and experiencing walking through homes as much as you do, but we are there to do a job and do it well. This all leads us to looking at properties through a different lens in an effort to benefit our clients and streamlined the process.

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