Houses are not perfect. They never are. Even new construction homes have problems, and uncovering these issues is the absolute best thing you can do to protect your out-of-pocket expenses moving forward. Timing is pretty important. We have had some buyers come into the market thinking that they should inspect a home before they make an offer. While this may be a good idea in a very small percentage of the cases, it is generally a bad idea.

So why is this a bad idea? Good question.

There are many buyers in the Charleston market. In fact, there are more buyers and there are sellers. And while we as agents try to be careful not to bump into each other as were showing properties, there are times when a home is shown more than once in any given day.

So while at first glance it might make sense to spend a little time energy and effort getting a property inspected upfront, this can be a costly mistake. Home inspections generally cost $400 or more. And while the seller may agree to have it inspected before you make an offer, you could literally be writing the check to the inspector and that same seller can be accepting a contract on it. For this reason, we will design the contract where you have a due diligence period. A free look if you will.

We will design a timeframe, where you can look at it, study it, check it, scratch it – sniff it… You get the point. The doorbell can literally go dingdong and not ding a ling, and you can decide not to buy. This is typically a 10 business day period, though all time frames are flexible and negotiable between buyer and seller.

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