Things happen, and having to move before the closing is one of them.
There are some cases when buyers are in a tight spot in need to ask the seller for the right to live in a property before the closing occurs. And while it’s not very common for this to be a strategy that starts before even looking at a house, things happen along the way that may cause delays.

One such example would be a buyer who has packed their truck and has moved because they had to be out of their last residence. And as we mentioned in another blog post, this creates a layer of stress and difficulty that is sometimes hard to overcome.

Asking the seller to move into their home for you own it is likely not to be met with open arms. This is a major risk for the sellers, is handing over the keys before ownership occurs can produce problems in the future.

This brings up an even bigger point. Moving along through this coordinated effort to help a buyer by the seller sell is best achieved through cooperation. Have you ever heard the term, you can attract more bees with honey? Consider this as a strategy in itself. Be kind, thoughtful, and try to place yourself in the other person’s position while not sacrificing your own. If you bend on some levels to help them, when it comes time to do the same the chances of it occurring are far greater.

If you are granted a preoccupation’s agreement, it is likely that they will require you have a renters insurance policy in place. The pre-occupancy agreement states that you will accept the house and its as is condition so your walk-through rights are not as strong as they would be if you waited until you owned the house.

Again, this is not a common occurrence… All just food for thought if and when it comes up.

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