Moving. What can we say about this? Well, it’s probably much easier from our side of the fence. Sure we get to help with all of the details prior to the move, and that has its own level of orchestration… But physically moving from one place to the next is never easy. Even when you hire a really good mover, there is quite a bit of work that has to occur.

Timing is very critical in real estate. Normal tendency is to try to get things done well in advance to avoid the rush move. But as the first sentence in this paragraph says, timing these things properly can reduce stress. Even if it means pausing your thought processes, and waiting.

There are so many things that must occur in order for a closing to happen on time. If you are shuffling from one house to the next and you set yourself up for having to be out at a certain time and date, the slightest delay can send your day into a tailspin.

Here is what we recommend when making a move:

  • If you are renting, buying a house for your lease ends.
  • Leave yourself a buffer, meaning if there is a delay make sure that you have a place to sleep. 
  • Make sure your loan is fully approved before you pack your boxes.
  • Know who you’re dealing with when you hire a mortgage broker.
  • Don’t put money down with a mover to soon.
  • Expect a delay, and be pleasantly surprised when things go perfectly planned.

If you follow those simple bullet points, chances are if there are problems that you will be able to roll along happily with the cards that we are dealt until the closing can occur. And please, understand, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents can do everything in a timely manner but things happen that are beyond our control… And most of these things are generated from the mortgage lenders side of things. Not to beat them up, they just have a hard job and theirs tends to be quite a bit of bureaucracy in that industry right now.

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