Getting pre-approved is taking a serious step in the right direction when it comes to purchasing a home. One of the biggest things that I see with websites is that they have a mortgage calculator, our website included, but they don’t calculate the entire payment. Many times a buyers will make their decisions early on based on what these websites say. This can be trouble.

There are many variables that lenders look at when considering a buyers purchase ability. 

  • Credit History 
  • Income to Expense Ratio
  • Assets 
  • Time on the Job
  • Future Bonuses
  • Passive Income Streams

Becoming pre-approved for mortgage financing is much easier than it used to be. Most lenders will be able to provide an online application, and within 10 minutes you can provide them with all of the information necessary to start approving you for your loan. Once you have this process completed, when you find the house of your dreams you will know with certainty that there’s nothing holding you back from moving forward.

Being pre-approved early on also provides a degree of leverage when it comes to negotiating. We have found that as the market continues to improve the really good properties sell quickly, and many times in a multiple offer situation. By having your ducks in a row early on why being fully approved, you already have a leg up against the competition.

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