Mortgage calculators are certainly helpful, but they can lead to problems as well.

There are four parts to a mortgage payment:

Principal – this is the part that you’re actually borrowing. This is the part that you want to pay back. 
Interest – this is the part that the bank charges you as their way of making money. It is the cost of doing business.
Taxes – while it’s not necessary, most mortgage payments include collecting for real estate taxes as part of the process.
Insurance – just like taxes, many times the bank will require that you pay your insurance as part of your payment as well.

While many real estate websites are very intuitive, and quite smart in their own right… They are not directly connected with the county websites that can calculate exactly how much taxes will be. For this reason, they cannot include estimating the portion of your payment that will include taxes. The same goes for insurance.

So before making decisions to purchase a home based on what a mortgage calculator tells you, it’s a good idea to know the facts so you can move forward with absolute confidence.

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