When purchasing a foreclosure, the sellers generally have no idea what the condition of the property may be. They’ve never seen it, never stepped foot in it, and may not even be in this town. From time to time, we have advised clients to obtain a home inspection prior to making an offer.

When we suggest this tactic, we also point out that there is a risk. Someone could be writing an offer the day you have an inspector evaluating. This could lead to you wasting your money, and should not be taken lightly.

So why would we recommend getting an inspection on a foreclosure prior to writing an offer? Well, many times these properties are neglected. Having someone evaluate the crawlspace can arm you with information that may help you get a better deal on the property.

Including a really terrible looking photo of all things wrong may help. Many times we include them in a cover letter which has led to our buyer clients getting a better deal than the ever would have if they hadn’t gotten an inspection. Again, this is not general recommendation but a strategy we sometimes employ so buyers can go in with eyes wide open. This is all done in an effort to point out to the sellers why they should accept a lower bid.

These are just a few of the things that we do to help buyers navigate the process. Of course, every situation is different which makes it completely customizable and interesting every time.

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