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To Redecorate Your Charleston SC Home or Not?

Posted By: nat wallen In: A Day In The Life
Date: Tue, Apr 8th 2014 1:20 pm

There are so many things to consider when making this very important decision. I usually lump this decision into two different categories, the first is redecorating the home for yourself, and the second is redecorating to sell which can also be considered staging. I will briefly go over my thoughts on both using my experience in both the antiques market and high end furniture. 

If you are redecorating your home and going to continue to live there, think about the big picture as well as what your current tastes are. Trends will come and go so I tend to always use a neutral base and build from there. Next I use decor items and splashes of color to highlight the rooms features. I also stay away from Dark colored paints unless used for a feature wall as they tend to make the rooms feel smaller and darker. The main idea I tell my clients is that less is more! I can't stress enough how a clutter free home is more inviting and comfortable to both homeowners and guests. This rule is especially important when staging to sell. 

As for furniture, everyone has their own styles here and i'd say go for what you love. What I do suggest here is to keep the spaces you put the furniture open enough for easy access. I always measure my rooms prior to installing items and plot them out on a piece of paper. Many websites now have programs to put in your room dimensions and virtually add their furniture in, which is an excellent feature. 

   The overall picture here is to keep your home open and inviting while encompassing your personal style.

  When redecorating or staging your home to sell there are some rules from above that apply here. A fresh coat of neutral paint does wonders for a home and instantly makes it feel newer and fresher. Another key factor here is to declutter...declutter...DECLUTTER! When doing this, I advise my clients to take down all personal photos and the bulk of knick knacks in the home. If the furniture is really worn and dated, its a great idea to buy some new pieces, and "less is more" applies here as well. You want to show the buyers an environment in which they can see themselves living there. The less furniture in the room the bigger it will feel, but remember to make it look like an inviting atmosphere (ie don't put one couch in the living room and a coffee table and leave the rest empty, we aren't in college anymore). 

   When a home is staged correctly it can add value to the property and get you more money at the closing table. Some believe in the concept of staging and some don't but it has worked time and again when sprucing up dated homes with new furniture. There needs to be a happy medium here though as many items in your home will likely be used in the staging process and just a few new additions will be needed. 

   I never like to ramble on so if you have made it this far....please let me know your thoughts! Let me know if you have a great tip for redecorating or something you did to redecorate that was amazing.

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