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Renovating Houses for Sale in Charleston, South Carolina

Posted By: nat wallen In: Invest in Charleston SC Real Estate
Date: Thu, Apr 18th 2013 10:26 am

We all know the three important things about real estate. We have heard it over and over again. Location. Location. Location. This certainly still holds true, but it also makes things a challenge as the area grows.

There many people who would like to find a Houses for Sale in Charleston, South Carolina close to town, but many need a lot of work. Understandably, buyers try to focus in on being conveniently located. This poses a challenge. In fact, it is a challenge that I am currently facing right now on a personal level. No I'm not looking for a home to buy, but I am in the process of renovating my personal home.

We bought the house about nine years ago, and it was semi-renovated at the time. I guess you could call it more of a flip, as they made changes to it but didn't quite do it to the level of what one might expect when living in a home for the next 30+ years, which is our intention.

When the market tanked a few years ago, things went pretty stale. There wasn't much construction work happening around town, and people seemed to somewhat just burrow in and wait for the storm to pass. Well, that has occurred and not only am I in the process of making changes, I see lots of people renovating then placing houses for sale in Charleston, South Carolina. This is especially going on in the Mt. Pleasant SC real estate market.

It seems that the old Mount Pleasant area has seen a bevy of new renovations occur over the past six months. This is because people are starting to feel confident about the changing real estate market. And I must say, I have been quite impressed by some of the renovations, and I think that's probably because I'm looking at them not just from a realtors perspective but from the consumers as well.

You can also see a change type of choices that these contractors are making. The time is good, activity is happening, and the houses for sale in Charleston, South Carolina are starting to flourish again.