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Charleston SC Realtors Turn Green

Posted By: nat wallen In: A Day In The Life
Date: Thu, Jun 28th 2012 8:17 pm

Charleston SC RealtorsThere are many Charleston SC Realtors to choose from. Of course, this is not new news to anyone. At one point in the peak of the market, it seemed like every 3rd person I met had a real estate license. I had closings with insurance agents who also sold homes. The mailman even showed a few of my listings. There were Realtors everywhere.

So what does this have to do with being green?

Good question. Many were “green” in the sense that they had very little working experience and in some cases, it was tough to pinpoint the Charleston SC realtors that were full time working agents when entering into a deal. Those who held their license as a second job, or just used it as a discretionary way of making a little extra money was just a part of the landscape.

And why not? The area is diverse enough for specialists to pop up. I mean, who better to know the neighborhood streets and their makeup than the person delivering mail?

All kidding aside, the real estate market was at one time flooded with many agents and the real estate bubble that occurred over the past few years has cleared out many real estate agents.

Those that stayed got really focused. Became more involved in the process. It was no longer just easy money to be made.

So why do I say Charleston SC Realtors that are working today are now turning green?

Well, the curve ball the US economy was thrown reminded many that it is necessary to shift with the times, to be proactive, to be specialized and to be knowledgeable. This way we can help our buyer and seller clients most effectively.  

Having recently been certified by the National Association of Realtors, I am proud to say that I am now GREEN certified. In fact, agents that are becoming certified are learning a whole new language and it is exciting to share energy and knowledge with my clients.

Any time there is a question, green related or not, I am hoping you will turn to any of the real estate agents who have weathered the changing market, because with a little humility and a thirst for new knowledge, there are a great group of agents currently working in the market today!


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